Where to watch Obama’s inauguration – the complete guide

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Barack Obama – the president that (hopefully) bring change to not only to the United States, but to the entire world, as he becomes the successor to the leader of the free world. As well, it will bring a huge change to America as it welcomes its very first Black president.

While the United States will see it at 11:30AM (Eastern Time) or at 8:30AM in the morning (Pacific Time) on January 20; Australians will be staying up late it happens on January 21st at 3:30AM. But, that’s not going to bring a stop to many people.

So, from TV to radio and live internet broadcasting – techgeek.com.au is bringing the complete guide to watch Barack Obama’s inauguration if you can’t be there in person to see it.

This post has been updated at 7:45PM AEDT, Tuesday 20th January 2009.

On Television

United States : All of the FTA networks, except Fox and the CW, will provide coverage. ABC, CBS and MyNetworkTV will start theirs at 7AM Pacific; while NBC starts at 7:30AM Pacific. PBS will start at 8:00AM. However, this does not mean that your local affiliate isn’t going to broadcast it. Spanish networks Telemundo and Univision will also be there to broadcast it.

Also; CNN, BBC America, CNBC, C-SPAN, MSNBC, Fox News and Current TV will broadcast it. HD fans will also like that ABC and CNN are broadcasting it in HD; and social networking lovers would like to hear that Current TV has partnered up with Twitter to show tweets during the coverage.

Canada : While some areas of the country will be able to get coverage from US channels; CTV and CBC will bring their coverage of the inauguration; along with CBC Newsworld, French network Télévision de Radio-Canada, CP24, BNN and RDI.

Australia : ABC, Nine and Ten are broadcasting the inauguration live, with ABC1 showing it at 3:30AM AEDT, and ABC2 having an extended version of ABC News Breakfast. According to TV Tonight: Ten will start theirs at 1:30am AEDT, and Nine will have theirs at 10:55pm AEDT on Tuesday – a very big effort. SBS has opted to show a highlights package at 12:30pm AEDT.

Also broadcasting for Australia will be Seven, who will bring their coverage at 3am with an extended version of Sunrise – but there is no word if this would be live on the other states; and the new Sky News/Foxtel/Austar funded channel called A-PAC, and they will be taking C-SPAN’s feed.

New Zealand : TV One and TV3 have opted to broadcast the inauguration live; with TV One bringing in an extended version of Breakfast to cover it. Both will start their coverage at 5:30am.

UK : BBC One will broadcast the inauguration live, with their coverage starting at 4pm. On Freeview, Sky News and BBC News will also be broadcasting it, with both of their coverage starting also at 4pm. Sky News Australia will take Sky News’ feed and rebroadcast it.

Europe : Euronews will bring their coverage at 4PM GMT time.

Everywhere : BBC World News, CNN International, Al Jazeera English, France 24 and CNBC will be bringing coverage of the inauguration live to all international viewers. While BBC World News will take their coverage from the BBC, CNBC from NBC and CNN International from CNN; Al Jazeera and France 24 will bring their own perspective.


On Radio

Since there are too many radio stations out there in the world; you might want to have a check on your radio station to find out more. Live streaming will also be available on CBS Radio stations WCB 880AM and 1010WINS on AOL Radio.


On the Internet

For some Australians, watching live coverage of Barack Obama’s inauguration wouldn’t take up too much of your internet usage capacity, as it would be during what is known as “off-peak”, giving you more storage during midnight to midday. If you are not one of them: then we suggest that you check your usage meter before watching any video to make sure you have enough not to make you go over.

The internet has change the way we have covered politics. From Twitter, to live updating blogs and now live streaming of video – Barack Obama is set to become the first president that is wired into the digital era where most of our information now comes through the tubes.

The Joint Congressional Committee of Inaugural Ceremonies will stream all of the events, including the balls, during Obama’s inauguration. However, you will need to get Microsoft Silverlight to watch the coverage. Not choosing Flash remains a mystery; but Silverlight is apparently the better version of the two.

CNN, ABC News, CBS News, Fox News, C-SPAN and MSNBC will relay their TV broadcasting onto the web. CBS News will broadcast from their site, Joost and CNET TV; while MSNBC will bring the event via its “Inauguration Dashboard” and CNN has partnered with Facebook to bring in a community perspective to it.

The New York Times, AP’s Online Video Network and PBS’s Online NewsHour will also be broadcasting it also, according to CNET.

Also broadcasting the inauguration live will be LiveStation, Ustream.tv and Mogulus. LiveStation will allow you to switch between channels like C-SPAN, BBC World News, France 24 and Al Jazeera; and Mogulus will be broadcasting C-SPAN’s feed. Ustream.tv appears to also have made an iPhone app, allowing you to watch it from there.

Hulu will also bring coverage of the inauguration; however, because of Hulu’s rights restrictions – international users may not be able to access it. Hulu would basically take Fox News’ feed. Also, Current TV will be rebroadcasting its feed on the internet.

UPDATE : Hulu’s Brandon Boone told us that people outside the United States will be allowed to watch and stream the entire event! Now, still waiting if we can get access to all the other shows on Hulu.

Terra will also join the long list of websites to broadcast the inauguration, and will offer it in English and in Spanish.

But if you don’t want to stream video over your internet connection; you can also visit a live blog to deliver the information. Political blogs are more likely to offer a live blog; and Wonkette will be a likely place to start. If not, or if it doesn’t suit your style, there are several blogs for different political ideologies – like Red State (right), Daily Kos (left), Little Green Footballs (right), and Talking Points Memo (left).

That should help you to find at least one way to watch the history-making inauguration. However, if you think we missed something; comment below and we will add it to the site.

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