Myki rollout to Geelong called a “success”

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0808-myki-mounting-point Victoria’s long awaited, and delayed, ticketing system for its public transport network, known as myki, has officially been launched on bus routes along the Geelong railway station and other locations around the Bellarine Peninsula; and the Victorian Government has called it a success, and has not received a complaint yet – but that’s their story.

The project. three years overdue and is $350 million over its original budget, is said to cost $850 million to taxpayers before its Metcard ticketing system is replaced by the new “smartcard”.

Even with it being called a “success”, Melbourne newspaper The Sunday Age saw some passengers forced to use the old system; but the Transport Ticketing Authority, the people who are in charge of the project, said it was due to the demand after a boom after the Christmas and New Year break.

However, the newspaper quotes some ticket salesmen by saying that they were only given 20 full-fare smartcards after a “stuff-up” in Melbourne. Another is quoted saying that this has left some “myki mates” – mostly off-duty bus drivers who ride designated buses – with no full-fare cards before the day started.

Several people, however, have jumped on these kinds of incidents as part of a long list of failures from the project.

The project is said to be rolled out statewide in early 2010.

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