Steve Jobs’ health saga : Get over it!

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OPINION : As you may have read from this blog, and many other blogs around the world, about Steve Jobs and his hormonal imbalance, and that recently he took a medical leave of absence because his health became a bit more complex and that his health was distracting not only his family, but also those at Apple.

And after that, we have gotten reports that he may get a liver transplant; or that he has a reoccurrence of cancer in the pancreas, or any other organ; or that he’s just having problems over treatment for the pancreatic cancer he got removed in 2004.

And I got one thing to say for that : Have we gone so f**king mental over the Steve Jobs story that we just don’t care about his health anymore, but just publish crap about him so we can make a couple of dollars?

And I know what you are going to say, “But Terence, you’re a tech blogger. Doesn’t this make you a bit guilty?”. Well, as a tech blogger – no, because my readers want to know the truth. And you would know this as bulls**t, because as a blog owner, I live to make ad revenue.

But, I’m scrapping this mentality this time; and going back to my first personality – my human personality. This way, I can say this – we are turning into the paparazzi, and blurring that line what makes a paparazzi and what makes a journalist. But we can’t really blur the line from paparazzi to blogger – because, that line doesn’t exist.

I think that we are following what the paparazzi do with celebrities, trying to manipulate several known facts to create an entirely false, or maybe true, story that effectively pushes the value of the shares down further. We want to know what Jobs is doing, how is he feeling; and we constantly bombard him with questions – and where have we seen this before?

I’m not comparing Jobs to Britney Spears, but the coverage is like that – but in our own fashion. While the paparazzi use cameras and asking questions to the celebrity; tech reporters don’t need to do that – they can just post whatever sh*t up on the internet and the bloggers will gobble it up as like it just is fact.

And as the paparazzi, we don’t know where to stop with it. Can we stop it? No, because it has always been a part of the tech news spectrum since 2004, and it will always will be. But we can stop with the explosion of this rumour stuff about him getting a new liver.

But you also would ask that the shareholders need to know this stuff. Well, yes; and I accept that viewpoint. But, instead of saying that Steve Jobs is said to be ill from whatever disease, and stopping it there; we are just adding more and more crap on top of a story. Speculation is a key part of journalism, but there is also a fine line between invading someone’s space and reporting for the public – and I say it has been crossed when journalists are calling him to ask him about his health almost every day.

He’s asked for some privacy, is that a request too hard to comply?

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