Reuters quotes doctors who say that Jobs may have cancer again

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Reuters is quoting experts in pancreatic cancer, which Jobs previously had in 2004, who speculate that Apple’s Chief Executive Steve Jobs may have another round of cancer, either on another organ or in the pancreas again, basing this assumption on information that they got from public announcements made by Apple.

It’s either that, or Jobs is “coping with side effects” of the 2004 surgery to remove the pancreatic cancer, and have said that it is easily treatable.

Jobs, who is 53-years-old, said that he had a treatable “hormonal imbalance” that was robbing him from the proteins, making him dramatically lose weight, and that he would be not leaving Apple. However, Wednesday saw him take a medical leave of absence for six months, saying that his health problems were “more complex”.

Just to remind you: it is Reuters who is saying that Jobs may have pancreatic cancer. I’m not speculating until we get the facts; but I’m sure that Steve Jobs will be okay. I hope.

Image Credits: Acaben/Flickr

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