Whistleblower says that Apple are smashing Macs to pieces

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An whistleblower has told APC Magazine that Apple Australia has been ordering its flagship products, the Mac, to be smashed into pieces in a Sydney warehouse, where many are still able to work. Filmmaker James Johnston (not his real name), who says that he supplements his income with factory work through several companies, assumed that he was in for a normal job at Apple, but he was wrong.

What he saw was an estimated $200,000 worth of Apple hardware, equipment and peripherals. "There were up to nine pallets, two were of MacBooks, both Pro and 13 inch versions, two were of iMacs, two were of Mac Pro towers, one had few Xservers on it and a few Mac Pros and one had Mighty Mice and a copy of Final Cut Studio,” he said

“We went as far as manually tearing up the manuals.”

But why? "Someone who’d been there about nine months said Apple had replaced the units because it was too expensive to send them to China for repair," Johnston reveals.

He also continues detailing that they initially put the equipment in a large dumpster, but someone complained to them and they proceeded to smash it so it would be invisible; instead of re-conditioning, reselling or giving it as a donation – where the digital divide is growing in places like Africa.

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