Kogan delays Android phone – cites “potential future interoperability”

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If you wanted to get the Kogan Android phone, the first Australian phone that would feature the Android OS; well, you will have to wait a bit longer, as the company announced that it has delayed the phone indefinitely, saying that “potential future interoperability issues” was the reason.

The company, Melbourne-based Kogan Technology, said the phone would be released on January 29; but said the phone needs to be redesigned to meet the new applications that would have a “higher resolution than the Agora is currently capable of handling”.

“I am sorry for this delay, but in the interest of doing things right by the Kogan brand promise, and you, the customers, I cannot disappoint you by supplying a product that I am aware will shortly have significant limitations,” owner Ruslan Kogan said in a blog posting.

“In order to fully appreciate the feature-rich applications Android developers will be creating in coming months and years, the Agora must be redesigned.”

Those who ordered one will get a full refund within the next seven days.

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