Optus customers complain over network degradation

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One of the reasons why the filter should not be implemented is that it would slow down the network speeds since it would be checking all submitted addresses to a list to allow you to either be allowed or denied access; however, if the filter goes ahead on the Optus network, it would slow down the already crippled network.

With recent reports of speeds slowing down, especially on its Cable broadband side, and line dropouts, among other things; Optus’ level of trust from consumers may have shifted many to contemplate moving to another provider. But one to leave his job over the poor infrastructure is absurd, right?

A recent forum post on the Whirlpool forums detailed that a Optus technician left his job after 10 years, and has said that he seen the network speeds get slower due to the amount of customers on the network. User citizen_smith writes:

He said the network (power levels?) had been all over the place today (I’m in the Brisbane area) but Optus keeps that sort of information to themselves even keeping their techs in the dark to deal with the customer.

After being on hold 20 minutes to organise a ‘tone’ test he gave up in disgust and called his supervisor. After being told all 17 techs are in the same boat he hung up in disgust and he is on his way home now probably for a few beers.

I asked him what I should do about my problem as it would appear on the Optus system that a tech had attended my problem. He said he "Didn’t care anymore".

Although this doesn’t help me any I can however understand the techs frustration, as I’m sure most of us have all been placed in a situation at one time or another by our employers where we have not been given the right tools for the job.

Optus was seen as the better of the two telecommunication companies after we finally allowed the Telstra (then called Telecom Australia) monopoly stopped. But now, with Telstra’s Next G 3G network outperforming Optus’ network and Telstra’s ADSL2+ being in more locations than Optus, have we seen a change in that perception?