ispONE dumps Optus for Telstra for its ADSL2+ service

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ispONE, a wholesale telecommunications provider that services more than 150 providers in rural Australia, has said that it will ditch using Optus’ network in favour of Telstra because of their network footprint, along with the small returns in profit.

Director Zac Swindells told Australian IT that “Optus covers about 13 per cent of the population with its ADSL2+ footprint. Telstra on the other hand covers 63 per cent of the market. And considering that 65 per cent of our business is done in regional and rural Australia it was an easy decision for us to switch.”

ispONE joins Internode, Pacnet, WestNet and People Telecom as resellers of Telstra’s ADSL2+ service, and they expect the switchover will generate a 75 percent increase in profits over the next year, with 80 percent of their customers already on the new network.

This comes as Optus customers have begun complaining over the degradation of its own network, including poor infrastructure and slowness in speeds. With many complaints in the Whirlpool forums, and more growing, it is growing a distrust to its brand than no other company has ever done before.