Telstra : HTC Android phone is better than Palm Pre

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Telstra, being the arrogant telecom they are, have said that the Palm Pre, which has gotten many gadget enthusiasts in love with its compact design, QWERTY keyboard and its new, revolutionary operating system, wasn’t “better and more functional” to the HTC-made Android G1 phone.

Though the Android was a no-show at CES, a senior executive told SmartHouse that they have “seen both and we believe that the new HTC phone will be a real competitor to the iPhone and the Pre which at this stage looks nice but is still not delivered to market.”

But, we won’t know until we (at least) try get our hands on both these phones, or at least, you will – and then you can see the difference. The Android is expected to be here sometime in the second-half of 2009, and the Palm Pre’s release date for Australia is unknown.

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