CES is not only about gadgets; it’s also about massage chairs?

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CES 2009-Image-Urban Collection-EP1285KL_Upright

CES 2009 : Panasonic is bringing some new additions to its line of massage chairs, known as the Urban Collection. The EP1285KL/TL and EP1082KL/TL-Combo come with four pre-set modes and eight manual modes that gives you a total of 44 massage combination.

Included in the pre-set programs are the Swedish and Shiatsu massages; and a Quick Mode, which will give you all 8 manual modes in a five minute program. The chair can recline to 170 degrees; and the EP1285KL/TL comes with an adjustable ottoman with a 14-airbag circulation system, while the EP1082KL/TL-Combo comes with a separate ottoman with an 8-airbag system.

These are available now; with the EP1082KL selling at $1699.99, the EP1082TL-Combo selling at $2699.99 and the EP1285KL/TL also selling at $2699.99.

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