CES 2009 : Windows Live Essentials gets released, new partnerships with Dell, Facebook & Verizon

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CES 2009 KEYNOTE : Microsoft has announced three brand new things for the Windows Live platform, which Steve Ballmer said it was an “essential companion” to the PC.

First it announced that it will bring out the final version of the new Windows Live Essentials, which features Windows Live Messenger, Writer, Mail and Photo Gallery. This new version will be compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

It was also announced that it has partnerships with Dell, Facebook and Verizon Wireless for Windows Live. Facebook will allow Windows Live users to view messages and photos from their friend’s Facebook profiles directly into the Windows Live Home.

Another partnership was with Dell, which will see the Windows Live Essentials being preloaded on Dell laptops and computers; and Windows Live Search being the default web search engine for new consumer and small business customers.

Finally, Microsoft and Verizon have made a new, 5 year “relationship” that will see Microsoft handling mobile search and advertising on Verizon’s network. Subscribers on the network will be able to use Live Search to search for local businesses and shopping information; perform internet searches; get directions and other mobile features.

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