SanDisk unveils new slotRadio player and cards

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CES 2009 : SanDisk has today unveil the new Sansa slotRadio player, along with a companion line of slotRadio music cards, based around the slotMusic idea, and will be preloaded with 1,000 songs handpicked from the Billboard charts and arranged into a variety of "genre-themed playlists”.

However, unlike the slotMusic cards, you will not be able to remove the songs off the SD card and put them onto your computer. The cards will cost $39.99 – meaning that all the songs cost about 4 cents to play – which is pretty cheap.

The cards are said to be compatible with the Sansa Fuze line of MP3 players also.

The player, which features a 1.5-inch OLED screen to view the song and artist information, will also have a built-in FM radio so you can switch between the SD card and the radio station. It will cost $99.99 to get the player (including a card), and will be available at RadioShack somewhere in early 2009.