Macworld 2009 : Rumour Round-Up

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While Apple did do a great job with the keynote, and have Tony Bennett (or whatever his name was) performing up on stage since it was the last time Apple would be going to Macworld, like the fact that there are some impressive features in both iWork and iLife. But let’s have a look at what rumours were true and were not true.

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iLIFE & iWORK 09 – That was bloody obvious, since they practically release a new update to it every year.

MACBOOK PRO 17-INCH – A couple of rumours about this product; and all were true; including the internal battery and the new “Unibody” look.

iTUNES GOES DRM-FREE – This was true; and this is now a serious competitor to eMusic and Amazon, in terms of being DRM-Free.

iTUNES INTRODUCES VARIABLE PRICING – This was also true, most likely linked to the DRM-Free music.

iWORK TO GO ONLINE –  That was true. At least it’s free (during the public beta).

GARAGEBAND TO HAVE CELEBRITY TRAINING LESSONSWell done on 9to5Mac on getting this rumour, which turned out to be true. My friend will be pleased that she can replicate “I Don’t Care” by Fall Out Boy made possible by them.


SNOW LEOPARD – The next version of the Mac OS X. We thought there would be some truth into seeing a bit of it (and I didn’t care if it was a small glimpse); but there was not even one news coming out of Apple – not even word if it was getting delayed or not. And the presentation was all about the MAC!!!

MAC MINI REFRESH – The Mac Mini is getting old; and has been the only one that has been not updated, except for the spec changes, since 2005. It would have been nice to see this Mac getting an update, you know, because of the economic crisis and the credit crunch.

MACBOOK NANONever going to happen.

NEW iMACSApple does upgrade its Macs a lot; but it didn’t appear that it will upgrade the iMacs after all.

iPHONE 32GB – I’ll admit that this was not really expected by me, but I still would like to see it. The 32GB would seriously switch my mind from the BlackBerry Bold and the Nokia N96/N97 for that phone; because it would have a higher capacity.

iPHONE NANOWhy would Apple make a small, compact phone when they already make a phone that is compact?

iPHONE PROSlide-out keyboard, 60GB of storage, 1 megapixel iChat camera, optical zoom, video capability, high quality camera and thicker than the iPhone? Too bad it was only a Photoshop concept.

STEVE JOBS – We so wanted him to make an appearance; but, he didn’t. At least we know what is wrong with him and why he didn’t present the Keynote.

iPHONE OS – Still waiting for that bloody Copy & Paste feature on iPhone… Maybe at WWDC?

HOME SERVERA “home entertainment solution” combining Time Capsule and Apple TV. That’s most likely never going to happen.

iPOD TOUCH GOES LARGEA large iPod Touch with a 7-inch or 9-inch screen? That did sound a bit sceptical, and it was, since it never was announced.

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