Macworld 2009 : iTunes becomes DRM-Free, new pricing structure

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MACWORLD 2009 : Apple has announced that it will introduce a brand new pricing structure on the songs, allowing the record labels to choose a price for their songs. However, what’s new is that there will three pricing points; $1.29, 0.99c and 0.69c.

Also announced was iTunes plan to go to DRM-free, expanding the iTunes Plus – and a good thing is that you don’t have to pay for it again, as you can convert all your songs for just 30c. The DRM-free music will then become standard from all the major labels and many independent labels.

Not all songs have been made DRM-free, but will soon.

In Australia, the current pricing structure has not been announced yet,  but all song upgrades will cost $0.50c. It  is more likely to be the same pricing as before.

A big feature that was announced as well was that the iPhone iTunes WiFi Store’s content will now be downloadable on a 3G network – and will drop the WiFi from its name.

Updated to reflect on Australia’s pricing point.

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