Macworld 2009 : iLife & iWork 09

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MACWORLD 2009 : Apple has brought out brand new versions of its popular application suites, iLife ’09 and iWork ’09. While both add new features; iWork is set to become an online application suite, allowing users to view and edit documents and download them in a variety of formats.

iLife ’09 will see some brand new features on iPhoto; including new slideshows, which can be imported into iTunes and then syned to your iPod touch or iPhone; new integration with Facebook and Flickr; and new ways organising your photos – Faces and Places.

The new Faces feature uses facial recongistion software to determine where a person is in a photo, while Places uses GPS geotagging data that is embedded in photos metadata. The new integration with Flickr will also allow photos from iPhoto to have that data also avaliable. You will also be able to add Facebook friends’ names to photos, similar to one present on the social website

iMovie will bring out new advanced features after being revamped last year with a brand new user interface; and will include video stablisation, new transitions, titles and “cinematic effects” and allowing you to overlap audio. Some new “advanced” features included will allow you to alter the footage when a person is behind a green screen, and picture-in-picture.

Garageband will have new loops and effects; but will have a new feature called “Learn to Play” (assumed title) – which will allow people to learn how to play an instrument; with 9 tutorials on both the guitar and keyboard bundled with it. Also, Apple has enlisted the help of several artists to teach you how to perform their songs – but these will cost $4.99 per video.

iWeb and iDVD, even though they were not talked a lot in the presentation, will have some new features; with iWeb having support for YouTube video, widgets and integrated FTP publishing – meaning you will no longer be tethered to your .mac hosting account.

iWork ’09 will also have some new features; with Keynote having a new feature called “Magic Move”, allowing you to just apply a simple transition that is repeated on all slides. It will also have new text effects and some new 3D-charts, which now include a cylinder-shaped chart. There will also be a new app for the iPod touch and iPhone called the “Keynote Remote” that will make it easier to control your presentation.

Pages will have a new feature that will allow you to write a document in full-screen, new templates and an “Outline” mode. It will also include support for MathType and EndNote; allowing simple integration with applications that use the two standards. Numbers will introduce a new way to find formulas, with descriptions on how it is used; expanded chart options; and will allow you to categorise data by column. – which was rumoured to be the online version of iWorks – was also announced. It is basically a iWorks ported onto the web, allowing users to view and edit iWork documents online if they are away from the application. You can also download the file into an iWorks-compatiable document, or into a PDF or Microsoft Word document. It is avaliable for free during its beta mode; but will be a fee-based service after when the beta has ended.