Macworld 2009 : Even though big announcements were made, shares slide

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MACWORLD 2009 : Apple’s shares slid 1.65 percent over the “lack of news from the trade conference”, according to a chart from CNBC. Even though it announced that iTunes would be going DRM-Free, a slimmest and lightest 17-inch notebook and making geeks around the world drool over the new features; Wall Street was disappointed over the lack of CEO Steve Jobs.


Also announced was the performance of the Apple Stores around the world, including the fact that over 3 million had come to the store every week; and that in the last 8 months, Apple’s laptops were the number one laptops during that period.

Robert Francello, Head of Equity Trading for Apex Capital, told Reuters, “There were some innovative products, but no true blockbusters,”

“People were bullish going into it, and now they’re kind of taking money off the table."

The keynote, being the last one presented at the trade show, was also where Steve Jobs famously decided that he will not present it, instead had gotten Phil Schiller to present the keynote. The event’s finale was when Tony Bennett sung “The Best is Yet to Come” and “I Left My Heart in San Francisco” to attendees.

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