Garmin to bring out new GPS device for motorcyclists

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CES 2009 : Garmin has launched its brand new “slim and sleek” zūmo 660 GPS device, and has said that this is made exclusively for motorcyclists.

With a 4.3-inch “sunlight readable and customisable display touchscreen display, glove-friendly design with left handed controls and oversized touchscreen buttons”; it comes preloaded with detailed street maps of the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico, with locations like gas stations, attractions and restaurants marked. It also features turn-by-turn directions with voice prompts, thanks to a built-in speaker or through a compatible Bluetooth helmet or headset.

It also has a microSD card slot, allowing riders to swap routs with other users; and riders can plan their trip ahead though Google or MapQuest to send their data before they being their journey. It can also be used as a hands-free device for your mobile, thanks to the aforementioned Bluetooth functionality.

Expect this product in Q1 2009 for $799.99.