Wikipedia owner raises needed funds for operations until June

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Wikipedia-logo-en The Wikimedia Foundation, known for being the operator of Wikipedia and the owner of the open-source software behind it MediaWiki, has announced that it has raised the necessary funds to operate the popular and free encyclopaedia until the end of June.

Though asking for only $6 million; more than 125,000 have raised more than $6.2 million since July 1st. This is partly due to a personal letter made by founder Jimmy Wales that helped closed the gap. Out of the $6.2 million, $2 million was given as major gifts from companies.

"This campaign has proven that Wikipedia matters to its users, and that our users strongly support our mission: to bring free knowledge to the planet, free of charge and free of advertising. We deeply appreciate the generosity of our supporters,” Wales said in a statement.

According to the thank you letter, the money is going to be spent on:

  • Day-to-day operations: servers, hosting, bandwidth, our staff of just 23 people.
  • Continued development & improvements of open source software that powers all Wikimedia projects.
  • Outreach events like Wikipedia Academies: in-person workshops where you can learn more about how to use and edit Wikipedia.
  • Volunteer support: helping our international volunteer community to grow and to continue to do amazing work.

Along with Wikipedia, the foundation has other sites based around the ideology of Wikipedia; including Wikinews and Wikitionary. While donations are still accepted, they will be kept in a reserve fund to cover expenses for the next fiscal year.