Internet Explorer losing ground – continues to fall below 70 percent

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New data from Net Applications have shown that Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, the dominant browser around the web, is continuing to drop below 70 percent, to have a market share of 68.15% for the month of December, down from a 69.77% from November.


Firefox’s market share increased to 21 percent, while Safari continues to grown to capture a share of nearly 8 percent. Opera, however, has the same market share it had in November; but Google’s Chrome browser managed to go pass the one percentage mark.

Surprising, Netscape’s market share also increased – from November’s 0.53% to have a market share of 0.57% for December.

Even though the decrease is very, very small for Internet’ Explorer; it is still a major blow as it continues a downtrend as people go to alternatives like Firefox, Safari, Opera and Chrome to perform their web browsing needs. However, Internet Explorer is still the main supported browser on many sites.

And maybe, that story about a new exploit affected ALL versions of Internet Explorer didn’t help its chances this month.

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