Did Microsoft leaked Windows 7 to the pirates?

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Windows7logo Everyone knows that Windows 7 got leaked onto BitTorrent sites across the world and everyone seems to enjoy the little sneak peaks about the successor to Windows Vista. However, could it be just a marketing leak conjured up by Microsoft itself?

Microsoft Watch seems to think so; saying that the leak’s timing was perfect – in a marketing perspective. And since it was during the holidays; geeks, bloggers an journalists had nothing better to write about other than Windows 7 being leaked and getting screenshots.

Writer Joe Wilcox puts the story straight, writing that “Microsoft doesn’t seem all the rattled by the leak. That reaction, or lack of it, is inconsistent with Steven’s past no-leak management style.”

“If Microsoft didn’t leak the build, forshame! If this is a real leak, how undeserving is Microsoft of the timing. Because the marketing benefits are immeasurable, given how much buzz there is out there. Google news search shows a couple hundred stories related to Windows 7 Beta 1. If someone on Steven’s team didn’t leak this Seven build, they should have,” he continues.

If this was a marketing ploy by Microsoft to promote Windows 7 – has a major tech company finally found a way to market a product by using technology that it, and others, have claimed is evil? If it didn’t leak it however, maybe Microsoft does have a soul after all.

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