The ABC goes mobile with its new WAP site

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After a load of talk that the ABC is considering launching a mobile version of their website (and with the advertising talk – since it was technically allowed to put ads online); the ABC has finally did it.

Still in beta, don’t expect it to last. According to the main site, it’s going to shut it down on January 9. But if you want it to continue – then go on. Tell the ABC and the people to go to on their mobile internet browser.

Theoretically, it supposed to work on all mobile browsers, but there are reports that the ABC’s page won’t work on the BlackBerry browsers (and they have suggested getting the Opera Mobile browser). And since the iPod touch is based mostly around the iPhone, it wouldn’t hurt to see it in action – and the ABC should be congratulated on a job well done, because it actually works.

The ABC has been like the BBC in a technical revolution, in that it has allowed people to watch shows online and download podcasts. But the ABC takes it to a certain extent, even though it has a smaller budget, that makes it a bit better to its offering that is similar to the BBC service; like the mobile site.

The BBC opted to push not a lot of its content, except for news and sports; but the ABC, on the other hand, offers content from its radio services, movie reviews, the weather and stuff from the ABC Shop.

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While it pains me to say this, but the ABC definitely needs the support that we give it to them. Especially once it comes into their long line of achievements in embracing the web – that big gamble has paid off well for them, since none of the other media companies has embraced it like the ABC.

But back on to the mobile site. The fact is that it basically offers all the information in a clear, precise layout. While I wanted to see two different versions of the site – one for mobile and one for the iPhone (since it can show full HTML pages), this site still does pretty good on the iPod touch.

While there are some images on the site, there is no audio or video present. “At this stage the ABC has concentrated on delivering essential ABC stories. In the coming months we will be looking to offer audio and video streaming,” it said on its FAQ section.

And that is totally understandable, since it is in beta. But also, it does cost you a lot of money since video and audio content have more kilobytes than a normal HTML-encoded page.

IMG_0020 The only thing that bugs me about the design is at the bottom – the huge “advertisement” before where you can redirect back to the homepage. While it’s not actually an ad for another company, but it’s still an ad for the mobile pages. At least they could try and reduce the size so it doesn’t come like an “in your face” style.

Or, they could possibly ditch it.

Also, since there has been talk of the ABC putting ads on the mobile site; the current version of the site shows that they might not be putting ads on it. However, since the ABC cannot advertise – it has to go through ABC Commercial to put those ads up.

But how would you know? They were talking of having the ABC Commercial’s multi-colour version of the ABC logo replacing the “worm” on a page that has an ad. But remember – this is all talk.

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