iPhone 3G sells at Wal-Mart on Sunday; $99 iPhone lives on – at AT&T

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After rumours started flying that Wal-Mart will sell the iPhone in the US for just US$99, and then turned into nothing since it wasn’t true; AT&T is selling the iPhone 3G 8G for $99 – on a 2-year contract. Also, if you get it now before the end of the year, you can get an extra $50 off the price! That is pretty cheap. It should be noted that this is a refurbished iPhone.

The refurbished 16GB version, in black or white, is also available at the price of $199, and that $50 saving still applies to them. So, taking into account that saving, the 8GB would cost $49, and the 16GB would cost $149.

Here’s what AT&T say about refurbished phones:

Refurbished phones are previously owned devices that have been unused or lightly used and returned during the 30-day trial period. Each refurbished phone is independently quality tested and loaded with the latest software to meet current factory standards. Some refurbished iPhone 3G devices will have minor scratches

In other news; Wal-Mart has confirmed that it would sell the iPhone, even though this was expected by them by many different blogs and the mainstream media. These phones would be tied with a two-year agreement from AT&T, similar to the deal at the Apple Stores, but would give “Apple the chance to reach millions of Wal-Mart shoppers who may not be as familiar with the company’s products”, according to Reuters.

While you would get the iPhone 8GB for only $199 and the 16GB version for $299 at a traditional AT&T store or Apple Store; at Wal-Mart, you can get the 8GB model for only $197, and the 16GB model for $297 – that’s a $2 saving! Wow! And while that may sound very ‘cheap’, it is not the cheapest, as Best Buy is selling the 8GB model for just $189.99, and the 16GB model for $289.99 – saving you $10 on the price.

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