Adamo to have Blu-Ray, DisplayPort?

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RUMOUR MILL : Dell’s new Adamo laptop, which is set to be a competitor to Apple’s ultra-thin MacBook Air, is believed to have a couple of features – thanks to a Google cache search on its accessories for the new laptop. The new laptop is set to have a 45-watt power adapter, which is not really special; but will also feature the new DisplayPort and a 2X Blu-Ray combo drive.

While the new line-up of Macs use the DisplayPort, replacing the mini-DVI ports, as a video output; none of the line-up has a Blu-Ray drive, even though Apple is listed to be part of the “Board of Directors” of the Blu-Ray Disc Association. It should also be noted that Dell also has a seat on the board of directors, as well as HP, LG and Sony.

According to Electronista, many observers are hopeful that the first laptop out with the Adamo branding will be announced at January’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, but will not ship until February.