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230px-Big_W.svgWhile Boxing Day is typically reserved for Myer and David Jones to have their clearance sales; Big W, Target and K-Mart have their clearance specials tomorrow (27th of December). And we thought that it wouldn’t be fair for us to cover only Myer and David Jones, in case that you, the reader, thought that we were, well, biased and taking money from the company – and we are not.

151px-Target_LogoWhile both Target and K-Mart are owned by the same company, they have different discount prices on clothing; and Big W, even though being traditionally linked with K-Mart as a competitor, I mainly think it is in between both Target, in sense of the books and CDs, DVDs and other playable medium, and K-Mart, for its discounted prices and in its layout.

Kmart_Where_Good_Times_Start_logo But, like the other guide, we are basically going to focus on technology – and most likely, focusing on the games that they are heavily discounting. So, here is the’s Clearance Special Guide for Big W, Target and K-Mart.

To have a look at our Myer & David Jones Guide – Click Here.



Target, Big W and K-Mart are the less-likely places to find a LG Scarlet LCD TV, or any big brand plasma or LCD TV out there in the market. However, they do sell televisions, just the ones that are very, very cheap. However, the good things about some of their televisions on sale is that they include a built-in DVD player, so we don’t have to go looking for a DVD player to connect to this TV.

TARGET is selling a Rank Arena 48cm LCD TV/DVD Combo for $449 (save $100), and this has a HD digital tuner built in, and has a HDMI port, so you can play your PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360 games in stunning HD quality. It is also selling a TEAC 55cm LCD TV for $599 (with a saving of $200), and this has, like the other one, a built-in HD digital tuner and a HDMI port.

K-MART is selling a Sanyo 37-inch LCD “widescreen” TV for $949, from its original price of $1,099. It has a HD digital tuner built in, and has 3 HDMI ports, plus support for 1080p and 1080i, so you can watch your Blu-Ray movies in stunning picture quality, but you would most likely not tell the difference if you put it against a smaller screen.

BIG W is also selling a Sanyo LCD television, but with a smaller, 32-inch screen. It has 2 HDMI ports (according to Big W’s catalogue. Sanyo is saying 3 HDMI ports), and has a built-in HD digital tuner; and only costs $697. It supports, like the 37-inch LCD selling at K-Mart, 1080p and 1080i; meaning that you can watch Blu-Ray movies in stunning picture quality.


Games are very popular in K-Mart, Big W and Target; since they tend to be more focused on the average shopper, and not one of those who usually goes into Myer or David Jones, which are fashion-centric at most. And since it makes up most of it, you know that children would be over the moon to get one of the games – which are more likely to be over six months old, at least.

BIG W is having an overload of discounts on games. The Sims 2 Double Deluxe is selling for $47.82, while its expansion packs are selling either at $13.84, or $24.84. The Simpsons Game and Need for Speed: Undercover have been given a 40% reduction at their recommended price, with both games selling under $60, even the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 games are selling below the $60 price.

Sony’s SingStar and Buzz bundles for the PS2 are now worth $69.84, with SingStar line of games (without bundles) are now $28.84. As well, the PS2 version of the ET Play Pom Pom Party and ET Play Hero are now $44.84

EA’s Come Play Range has also been given a discount; with the DS titles in the lineup selling for $29.98, and the Wii Titles selling for $38.84. Also; many of the PS2 games, including God of War II, EA’s Fifa 08, Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters, and Grand Turismo 4 are selling for under $20. But that’s not all. Xbox 360 games like Transformers, Club, TimeShift, Tomb Raider: Legend, and Facebreaker are selling for under $30; and games like Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian, Kane & Lynch: Dead Men and Wall E are on sale for under $50. You need to see your Big W catalogue to see what other games are on special.

But that’s only the first 2 pages worth of specials – and there are more. Selected Wii games worth either under $30 or under $50; and selected DS games worth under $20 or $30.

TARGET has, well, not embraced the clearance specials for the hardcore gamer. Buy two games from the Nintendo DS and it is worth $60, buy two games for the Wii and that costs $80 and if you buy two games for the PS2 and they are worth $36 – however, all are limited to their own selection of games, which includes Hannah Montana (Wii) and Cooking Mama (Wii).

Target is also giving 15% off for PS3 and Xbox 360 games, and 20% off all PSP and PC games.

K-MART, like Target, is giving very limited discounts to games. However, you can get 50% of the recommended price on the Guitar Hero 3 bundle for the PlayStation 2, with a second guitar for the game worth $25 extra, but only for the PS2 and must be purchased at the same time as the bundle. Sport fans would also be pleased that EA Sports’ Fifa 09, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09, NBA Live 09, and Madden NFL 09 are 40% off their recommended price.

packagingANZlive12mopremConsole Accessories

Because of the onslaught of games discounts from Big W, we had to start a brand new section just not to babble on about games. But that’s not it for BIG W, since they have put in discounts on not only the games, but the console accessories.

For the Wii; The Wheel is $14.84, the charging stand is worth $34.82, the Wii Zapper is $34.82, the Classic Controller is worth $28.84 and the Wii Play plus extra remote bundle is only $59.98.

For the Xbox 360; you can get a Black or White Wireless controller for $58.84, or get play and charge kits from Brooklyn for $24.98. You can also get a 12-month subscription to Xbox Live Gold (plus 200 Microsoft Points, Bankshot Billards 2 game and a headset)  for only $68.84; which is a lot less than the recommended price of $99.95 from Microsoft.

Anything Else…

While we could list everything else, we better not; because there are a lot more specials (especially from Big W) that are available; and you can check them out on their catalogues (Big W) (Target) (K-Mart). Better yet, you can just go in-store tomorrow, since that is when these specials begin. Enjoy your post-Christmas bargain shopping spree!

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