Top 10 Posts for 2008

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2008 saw us have a full year of coverage on, and while we saw several countries fall into recession, several companies collapsed or saw job cuts, or even have Barack Obama winning the 2008 Election; is pleased to have called 2008 the year where we finally did something that we accomplished – surviving.

And thanks to your visits (according to Google Analytics), we can now count down the top ten most visited posts that we have on our massive library of content. Oh, and Merry Christmas!

10 : How to get songs off your iPod (18 June 2008)
Even though this was a rewrite of an old tutorial in 2007, this rewritten piece managed to become very popular, and several people have expressed their thanks over the simplicity of this tutorial – even though they did not comment.

09 : Santa Clara shooter was fired, not laid off (17 November 2008)
While we are still shocked over the shooting at a Silicon Valley company, we all thought that he was laid off. However, according to a GigaOM report, the company never laid off anyone, nor has it ever or has plans to do so in the future. It was also revealed that the shooter was fired from the company.

08 : Foxtel launched three new channels – BBC Knowledge, 111 Hits and Cbbebies (1 November 2008)
This was the day when Foxtel launched three brand new channels in its huge lineup of content; two channels from the BBC and one owned-and-operated channel. However, not all is what it seems as we have heard reports that Austar has not put it up on its lineup of channels.

07 : Apple Store launches in Chadstone (13 September 2008)
After two stores being launched in New South Wales, Victorians now got their chance to live the magic that is known as the Apple Store. After hearing rumours of Apple bringing three stores to Australia, Chadstone fulfilled that rumour of being the third store – and was there at the launch.

06 : Adelaide man tries to pay bill with a drawing (15 November 2008)
Stewart Wilson reports on a very, very funny story about a man, David Thorne, who tried to pay a $200+ bill with a drawing of a spider. Plus, the entire transcript is there, so you don’t have to scavenge around the web.

05 : Review: BlurbEM! (24 May 2008)
A competitor to Twitter, BlurbEM! is a newbie to the market. Powered by Python and the Google App Engine, at the start of our review, we noted the lack of several “Twitter-like” features. It looks promising, however. Too bad it shut down.

04 : MySpace : HTML for Beginners (20 July 2008)
The ultimate guide from about the web language called HTML. From the basics of text, to hyperlinks and images – has made it easy for you to know the language to customise your text on a MySpace comment.

03 : Review : Windows Live Messenger 9 Beta (20 September 2008)
Another review makes the top 10; but this time it is the beta of Windows Live Messenger 9. As part of the “Wave 3” suite, the product has been given a revamp in design, and added some new features that you may or not like.

02 : Nokia 8800 Carbon Arte is a fine looking phone (19 August 2008)
The only gadget-related news we had in our top 10, the Nokia 880 Carbon Arte sports a carbon fibre shell with 3D patterns, sculpted shapes and unique textures that make it look so sexy. It is very, very expensive – and not really good if you are low on cash.

01 : How to watch television on the internet – in Australia (19 October 2008)
While the title may sound misleading, we went around the web to find out where is a good place to watch television shows on the internet, for free. From services that can be accessible from Australia, one of our sites in our list may shock you.

Honourable Mention : Optus Fusion $99 Speed Results Are In … (4 November 2007)
James D brings the results of the Optus Fusion $99 plan speed tests; and while it actually made it on the top 10, the post was submitted in November 2007, so we could not add it since this was about 2008.