Case maker publishes iPhone nano protector – could there be iPhone nano after all?

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RUMOUR MILL : XSKN, a third-party case maker, has rekindled rumours of an iPhone nano and has started taking orders for a protective case holder for the rumoured gadget, even though there has been no confirmation from Apple – as expected since its nearly time for the all important, and final year, for the Apple keynote at Macworld at San Francisco.

According to Apple Insider, the case maker is selling them in a variety of colours, with the price ranging between US$25 and US$27. It resembles the protective holders it makes for the iPhone 3G, with the only difference being that it fits a shorter, and chubbier version – dubbed the “iPhone nano”.

And despite being the source of the leaks of the casing designs for the iPhone 3G and the iPod nano before Apple announced them, this still faces some scepticism.