TPN suffers major outage, media and show sites gone

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The Podcast Network (TPN), an Australian company that records and distributes podcasts to the world, is being reported to have suffered a major outage, with the show sites being taken down and all the podcast audio files have been destroyed. According to The Inquistir, the site had suffered a “massive technical failure” in its main hard drive in its server in Texas.

In an e-mail to the podcasters, CEO Cameron Reilly has said that while there were backups of the comments and blog posts; the architecture, statistics or media were not backed up – meaning that the entire work from the podcasters are gone. He also went on saying that each show on the network will be rebuilt, and appealed to members for any archival recordings. If not, they will then “ask the audience if they have archived copies.”

TPN was hacked earlier in the year because the site was using an older version of WordPress, causing a widespread outage to the site, and some discontent from the podcast producers.