Aviary opens up beta, gives $85 discount for pro account

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ScreenShot106Aviary, a collection of multimedia tools for artists from all different types of art, has now officially made itself open by announcing that it will become a public beta (previously, they were a closed one). As well, they are celebrating this with a US$85 discount for one year using its Pro accounts.

Aviary already have a  image editor, a “colour swatches and palettes” tool and a “visual laboratory” tool. It is planning to add an audio editor, fonts creator, a “pixel pattern recognition” tool, a music generator, a desktop publishing tool, a video editor, a word processor, a terrain generator, a “smart image resizer” and a “painting simulator”.

Aviary hatched! We recently added 5 new apps (including a vector editor!!!), a brand new website redesign and more collaboration features. We think you’ll love the new Aviary.com <–(new url with no dot!)

Thanks so much for your patience and feedback during our private beta period.

We’re also excited to announce that in addition to our free plan, we are now offering a pro plan.

There are lots of great reasons to upgrade to pro: Early access to unreleased alphas; unlimited storage; private groups; files and more!

As a way of saying thank you, we’re offering all our early beta testers an $85 discount off a year’s subscription if they upgrade in the next 48 hours!

Be sure to follow this link and sign in to obtain your discount: http://Aviary.com/home?beta

We look forward to seeing what you create!

~ Michael

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