Snow Leopard showcased at Macworld – report

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MACWORLD 2009 : Phil Schiller is set to use a portion of his keynote at next month’s Macworld Expo to show off the latest version of the Mac OS X operating system, Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard, according to a report filed by UK’s The Guardian. “Apple and its partners have been privately dropping hints to developers that its upcoming release of its Mac OS X operating system, dubbed Snow Leopard, will ship earlier than expected,” the report says.

It is also set to debut two new technologies that “promise to speed up software without demanding any changes to the hardware”, Grand Central, which is designed to make better use of the Intel processors in the current range of Macs; and OpenCL, which will give a more “dramatic effect” on some programs’ performance as it will use the GPUs to run.

It is unknown where they got this from, but AppleInsider is guessing that their claim is based solely on a presentation slide made by Apple’s Unix technology director in a recent conference.

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