Boy kills mother, shoots father after parents take away Halo 3 game

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Prosecutors have said to a Lorain County, Ohio judge that Daniel Petric shot his father and killed his own mother after his father took away and did not allow him to play the game Halo 3. Petric, who is now 17, sneaked out to get the game, but his parents caught him when he came inside the house, and his father put the game in a lockbox in the parent’s closet; where a 9mm handgun was also located.

Prosecutors also told the judge that Petric also tried to make it look like a murder-suicide.

His father, Mark Petric, is a minister at the Life Assembly of God in Wellington, Ohio, testified that his son entered the family room on October 20th, 2007 with a request:

“Would you guys close your eyes,” Daniel Petric asked. “I have a surprise for you.”

Daniel Petric is alledged to have shot his father in the head, while his mother, Susan Petric, died of a gunshot wound ot the head. Mark Petric survived the gunshot wound due to the arrival of his daughter and her husband. According to his testimony, Daniel Petric told his sister that they should not come in:

“You can’t come in,” Mark Petric recalled his son saying. “You guys shouldn’t come in. Mom and Dad had a big argument.”

Since that incident, Daniel has since apologised after Mark was allowed to visit his son in jail over the past year:

“Dad, I’m so sorry for what I did to Mom, to you and to the family,” Daniel Petric said, according to his father. “I’m so glad you are alive.”

“You’re my son,” Mark Petric responded. “You’re my boy.”

Mark Petric said his son told him he could hardly live with the guilt over what he did.

“He would cry, and I would cry,” Mark Petric told the judge.

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