Apple releases two new “Get a Mac” holiday ads

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We love Christmas (and the holidays), and why not celebrate it by watching the two new Christmas/Holiday-themed “Get a Mac” ads from Apple. Entitled “I Can Do Anything” and “Tree Trimming”, these follows last year’s style of animation, instead of using the real actors to perform the scenes, and like always, they are very, very amusing.

I Can Do Anything is where the PC shows off what he can do when he’s animated, like building a snowman in a fast motion. He then talks to a rabbit, who is on its way to the Apple Store, followed by PC knocking over the snowman on the rabbit. The Tree Trimming ad sees Mac and PC decorating a Christmas tree, and when the PC turns on the lights, it says “PC Rules”.

Both of the ads can be seen on the “Get a Mac” ad website.