“Improvise” – WordPress 2.7 gets its debut!

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wplogo-stacked-rgb techgeek.com.au has already upgraded to it, and so you should too. WordPress has unveiled version 2.7, or codenamed “Coltrane”, which contains a massive overhaul to the WordPress administrator functions, as well as some new features, including the ditching of manual updates and FTP uploads to plugins and the entire blogging platform itself, thanks to an automatic update system – which makes it a bit more attractive to first time users.

Like I said, there is a new administration design (which I reviewed when it was in beta), and all of the features are the same, including movable panels at the dashboard, sticky posts, etc. As well, since this is the newest version, it also brings in more template tags for those who are into designing themes for it, like me (which is great, because now I can fully integrate new things into the theme).

But what happened to WordPress 2.6? Well, because of a fake version of WordPress out there calling themselves as version 2.6, the creators of WordPress decided to jump to 2.7, to avoid any confusion and any problems with people downloading the fake version. But this does not stop there, there are also plans to tackle things in how WordPress handles audio and video, and integration on other Automattic (the owners) projects:

That said, we couldn’t be more excited about the future with regards to features. Now that we’ve cleared out more basic things, we are looking forward in the coming year to really tackling media handling including audio and video, better tools for plugin and theme developers, widgets, theme updates, more integrated and contextual help, and easier integration with projects like BuddyPress and bbPress.

Video is below (after the jump).