Google reveals top searches of 2008 – “Obama” takes Google’s top fastest rising crown (in the US)

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Following a similar move made by Yahoo, Google has announced that results of its “Fastest Rising” and top search queries from its Zeitgeist; with results from worldwide, the United States and 34 other countries, including New Zealand, United Kingdom and Australia (and if you’re scared about your privacy, don’t worry, Google says that no personal data was used).

Barack Obama topped the “Fastest Rising” result in the United States; while in Australia, it was the iPhone that took the crown. The United Kingdom’s “Fastest Rising” result was the successful BBC iPlayer; while the Olympics topped in New Zealand’s own results. Also making it in the top 10 were the Large Hadron Collider (NZ 10th, UK 6th), GMail competitor Yahoo Mail (UK 5th), Facebook (AU 2nd, NZ 3rd, UK 2nd, US 2nd) and Underbelly (AU 10th). YouTube also made all 4 countries’ listings.

The popular result, however, in the UK was Facebook, with the BBC in second and YouTube in third. In New Zealand, it was “games” that topped the list, followed by Bebo and then YouTube. Surprisingly, “Google” was the 6th most popular search term in New Zealand (Don’t do it if you want to break the internet!!! – I joke). Australia’s most popular results were “games” – most likely the Olympics, Sydney and (again) YouTube in third.

But now what we have been all waiting for… the global tally for the “Fastest Rising” search queries in Google. Jonas Brothers took out the 10th spot, and the Euro 2008 took ninth. “Wer Kennt Wen” took eighth, and “Nasza Klasa” took seventh position. Barack Obama took sixth place, while Heath Ledger took out the fifth place, and “Tuenti” took fourth.

“facebook login” was the third popular result, while silver goes to the Beijing Olympics in China (no surprise there). But the number one spot, taking gold, was Vice-President nominee Sarah Palin. Interestingly enough, Barack Obama took the first place in the US results (like we said), while Palin taking seventh place.

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