Telstra to say no to ISP filtering trial, Optus says yes

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Telstra has rejected a plan to take part in the Federal Government’s six-week live content filtering trial that would see, according to those opposed to it, a decrease in speeds to the already crippled network that Australia’s broadband network has compared to other countries infrastructure like the US, Japan and South Korea.

Optus, however, has made an application to participate – but has told that it would only filter sites that have been already added to the “black list” of sites from the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA); which includes about 1,300 URLs that are considered offensive enough to warrant a block from ACMA, mainly containing child pornography or sexual abuse web sites.

Optus has also said that the trial will be limited to one specific area, with people allowed to opt-out from those trials. “Optus is participating in order to accurately gauge the impact that this type of filtering would have on its network, including download speeds and customer experience,” one of its spokesperson told the press.

Joining Optus in the trial are iiNet, iPrimus and Unwired. While Unwired has said that it expects that it would be unlikely be taken as a one of those participating (but they still will participate), and iiNet has said that it will report if the filter blocks a site incorrectly or the filter gets cracked; iPrimus is the only ISP that will be doing the trial without provisions.

Those who is saying no to the trial are Telstra, Internode, People Telecom, Netspace, Eftel, Adam Internet, AAPT, Vodafone and Westnet; while those who are still undecided are Soul/TPG, 3 and Exetel.

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