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Every year, people try and guess what the recipient wants in his or her gift. Sure, you can always give them the receipt to return it; but what if you want it to be a moment in your life? What are you going to do? Have no fear, has the answer to this problem, and we will slowly put up a list of gifts that you could get for that person in our Holiday… No, wait – that introduction does not sound right. Let’s try that again…

While we all focus on getting together as a family, or spending money to give gifts to our loved ones (or our co-workers and bosses), we still have to remember those who are less fortunate and those in poverty. This is why’s Holiday Gift Guide is focusing how can you help the charities and non-profit organisations who help those who are less fortunate as yourself.


3.2.2_apple_main_2 PRODUCT (RED) is maybe the most easiest way to contribute to a charity or a non-profit organisation, since it basically requires you to buy a product that has the PRODUCT (RED) logo. From Apple’s iPod Touch to Windows Vista, Dell Computers to GAP clothing; there are many ways on how you can help their cause.

You can also contribute to it by getting a PRODUCT (RED) American Express card, drinking a (STARBUCKS)RED EXCLUSIVE beverage in the US or Canada, or buying cards from Hallmark.

PRODUCT (RED) is an non-profit organisation that has the backing of Bono. It’s main cause is to help fund ways to bring treatment to AIDS victims in Africa, via the use of our mass consumerism (and I’m not saying it is a bad thing). This is done like this: you buy a product and then the company will donate some of that profit to a global fund which then is distributed to projects around Africa.

Buying a Gift for the Child


The Smith Family has an online store filled with “gift donations”, where you pay for a disadvantage kid’s school excursion, music course, or give them education for one school term. You can also give them a Sports kit, pay for a mentor, send them to an Art Workshop (with materials), give them some toys and books, give them a computer, or give a child an admission to get a Certificate 1 course in Financial Literacy.

While all the costs vary between $25 to $350; but it is worth it since you are helping a person to have a bright future.


But if you are looking to help in an international issue, Heifer is a great place to do that. You can purchase (or share a purchase) that allows them to have a long-term source of food. From Heifers, sheep and llamas to “baskets” of either filled to help fulfil promises, give hope, help them grow crops, or help them to conquer their dreams.

Heifer’s mission is to create ways on how to stop world hunger by giving them a long-term source of nutrition, using their “pass on the gift” strategy, where you pay for it and they will give it to a needy family. All pricing is in US dollars.

Giving Trees

ScreenShot097 This may not be tech-friendly, but it is one of the best solutions in Australia. K-Mart is again doing the Christmas Wishing Tree Appeal, and it is for a very good cause. While you might not want to get something electrical, you can give toys, books, clothes or even give a cash contribution by going to a store register at K-Mart.

The Wishing Tree Appeal donates the gifts to the Salvation Army around Australia, and also donates the gifts to The Brotherhood of St. Laurence (VIC), The Smith Family (VIC, NSW) and Charity Link (WA). This is also going around in New Zealand, with all the gifts being donated to Barnardos.

The Brotherhood of St. Laurence is also having their own Giving Trees around ABC Stores around Metropolitan Melbourne, and the ABC Studios around Victoria. If you are in Chadstone, why not stop and buy a gift and drop it outside the ABC Store.

Just Donate!

Finally, just freaking donate! Donating to charities is one of the most simplest ways to help those less fortunate; and with the internet, it has made it easier and harder at the same time. While charities like the Fred Hollows Foundation are legit charities, there are also false ones as well. While the United States has a way to find out which charities are potential scams, Australia does not.

The most likely way is to just follow the well-known charities in Australia; or research about the company before donating. Here are some of the donation links to donate to these non-profit organisations and charities.

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