Ducking iPhone – teach your iPhone how to swear!

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ducking-11Remember the days of the T9 keyboard, where it would correct words if you spelt it incorrectly (or an easier way to spell). Well, one of the features was that you can create a custom dictionary and teach your phone how to swear – and that was absolutely fun.

However, Apple has apparently removed that fun by not having a custom dictionary so you can those funny words like “fucking" – and if you ever tried to say “fucking”, you would be given the word “ducking” as a suggestion to replace it. While you can cancel it by pressing the x button, it still won’t learn it.

However, there is a way you can work around it. You need to make a contact entry that contains the words that you want to have listed. Apparently, to spell your friends names correctly, it relies on how you spell it in your contacts list (so you won’t have a person named “Jon” spelt as “John”). Just make sure the word is not CAPITALISED, or else you would be spelling the first letter being in uppercase.

But, if you don’t want your friends to find a person named “fuck, fucking” in the contacts lists – don’t ducking bother with this.

Source: T’N’T Luoma (via Wired)

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