Oz TiVo plays catch up – allow you to order pizza too

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According to the Australian Financial Review, Seven is negotiating a deal with Domino’s Pizza that will, similar to the deal already announced in the US, allow TiVo owners to order pizzas through the TiVo box – meaning that we don’t have to leave home to get the car started and drive to the store to get it picked up (unless you get it delivered).

Seven has recently started picking up its game by adding several interactive features, in a move that is more likely to prepare itself for the launch of FreeView and to compete with offerings on Foxtel and its Foxtel iQ2. A weather channel is up since last October, and announced that it will offer a free movie a week from Blockbuster in Australia until March, as Seven will launch a movie-on-demand service (likely a competitor to Foxtel’s Box Office).

Among other interactive features, Seven is also negotiating a similar deal with supermarket retailers (like Coles and Safeway/Woolworths) to allow owners to do their grocery shopping via the TiVo box as well.

TiVo in Australia is being sold by the Seven Network on behalf (under license) of TiVo in America.

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