Mod transforms Xbox 360 into a portable device

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Ever got that feeling that you want to take your Xbox 360 with you but don’t want to use someone else’s TV, cables or speakers; or you are somewhere that you can’t get a battery source? Well, Benjamin Heckendorn (the same guy who created the 3 versions of the Xbox 360 Laptops, the Wii Laptop and the portable PS2 system) has made an Xbox 360 Portable.

But it looks like a laptop without a keyboard? Well, that’s why its been given the “Portable” moniker than “Laptop”. Heckendorn wrote in a blog post that he “figured that was a more appropriate name than laptop, because seriously, who’d put this in their lap?”

Here are some of the differences between it and the laptop:

  • Removable standard Xbox 360 hard drive for easy profile/data swapping
  • Both memory card slots accessible, same reason.
  • No keyboard! Really, they have those chat pads, what’s the point? (Besides looking cool)
  • Simplified layout of ports and buttons.
  • Internal wi-fi module, no external antenna. Antenna is strung out inside unit like other consoles/laptops.
  • Beveled edges! Countersunk screws!

You can find more information at his website.