DSi gets first flash cart – thanks Acekard

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ak2i_power_on We are hearing reports of a new flash cart that can allow owners of the new Nintendo DSi play their homebrew games, use Action Replay codes and storing save files; all thanks to the new Acekard 2i. The site also the DS Lite and the original Nintendo DS, which is great since it doesn’t mean that this is something that can only be used for the DSi.

As usual (and just to put this in here for people who have no idea how it runs), it runs on a microSD card. This basically means you just drag and drop files onto the microSD card and then put it in the slot in the Acekard 2i, then put the Acekard into the DSi to make it work. Sounds simple, right? Also, it also supports the new microSD HC (high capacity) formats.

Video below (after the jump).