Britney Spears tops Yahoo’s top searches

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Britney Spears has made it to the top of the list of Yahoo’s top searches in 2008, mirroring her success of being the top search query in 2007 as well. Following her was WWE, with Barack Obama placed third. Disney’s star Miley Cyrus placed fourth, while RuneScape placed fifth. Jessica Alba placed sixth, while anime Naruto made seventh place, Lindsay Lohan made eighth place and Angelina Jolie placed ninth. Finishing the top 10 list was American Idol (placed 10th).

But in “specific categories”, Heath Ledger placed first in the Top 10 Farewells, while the IRS Stimulus Checks were the top Economy related search term. Angelina Jolie was found to be the most-searched influential woman, being placed first – ahead of Sarah Palin (2nd) and Oprah Winfrey (3rd); and Barack Obama was the most-searched Politician.

Michael Phelps was the top-searched Olympian, while Miley Cyrus was the most-searched “Celebrity Brat Pack” search term. Making the top news search queries – Hurricanes made first place, while Caylee and Casey Anthony was second, and the US Election 2008 was the third on the list.

In other news, AOL also put out a list of their hottest search terms – but unlike Yahoo, they are the top of their category, and not all together. The list saw the Britney Spears being the Top Celebrity, the iPhone topping the Shopping queries, the Flat Belly Diet the top in Health-related search terms, NASCAR the top in sports, the Presidential Election topping the News-related search queries, the Jonas Brothers the top Musicians and “American Idol” the top television show.

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