Google Maps gets overhaul – New Street View interface, Wikipedia articles and Photo metadata

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Google Maps has been given a overhaul, which includes a brand new interface on its popular-yet-controversial Street View service, new “Terrain” mode and allows you to get images and their Wikipedia articles of the places thanks to their metadata and locations (these can be found by the “More” link”.

The new interface now puts Street View above the map, not overlaid in a speech bubble, and has brand new controls like now using a 4-way toggle to move around the 360-degree view. As well, you can reconfigure where is north for you – like that in its sister product, Google Earth. And since the image is now variable to your screen resolution – you expect the picture to be either fine or stretched to fit the screen; but also you can minimise the map to a corner so you can have the full screen experience.

While I like the new interface, I bet some people will complain over the change, but Change is Good.