Freeview to be launch tonight – 6:29PM

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According to a report on What’s On The Tube, all of the major free-to-air television networks (ABC, SBS, Seven, Nine and Ten) would be broadcasting ads about the new “FreeView” initiative that will support the take up of free-to-air digital television. This basically means that it is a “roadblock”, meaning that you can’t escape it – unless you have Foxtel.

FreeView is expected to launch with 15 channels, and a new electronic program guide is to be revealed tonight – prompting Foxtel to reveal that it had extended its EPG to 14 days. The new channels include the current 5 (ABC, SBS, Seven, Nine and Ten), their HD channels (ABC HD, Nine HD, SBS HD and Seven HD). As well, the commercial channels would join their public broadcasting counterparts in offering a second SD multichannel, with Ten revealing its one being a sports channel.

But you would also noticed that there is no Ten HD listed. Well, it will be replaced with an HD version of its sports channel, dubbed ONE – unless that’s been axed.