LA Judge considers throwing out Lori Drew case after testimony backfire

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A Los Angeles judge is considering throwing out the case against Lori Drew, who is facing one count of conspiracy and three counts of unauthorised computer access for allegedly violating the terms of service of MySpace to inflict psychological harm on 13-year-old Megan Meier that led to her suicide, after it was revealed yesterday that she did not start the MySpace profile nor read the terms of service.

But who started the profile? Well, it happened to be Ashley Grills – a former employee and confidant of Drew; who also happened to be granted immunity from the charges if she testified for the government. Testifying that she was the one who opened the account (which makes her the one who read the Terms of Service), she also testified that it was her idea in the first place to befriend Meier.

Grills also said to the court that she did not read the terms of service – which people actually don’t read, but you should since you may not want to break it. She also mentioned that they decided to make the fake person, named “Josh”, be mean to her was that she would leave him alone so they could get rid of the page.

She then testified that Meier responded to “Josh”: “You are the kind of boy a girl would kill herself over” – a fact that she did not share with the police, the FBI, a grand jury and viewers of Good Morning America, until last week when she told prosecutors. The reason – she just didn’t remember it until last week.

Drew’s defense attorney, H. Dean Steward, has asked for the case to be moved for an immediate dismissal based on Grills’ testimony; but the judge, U.S. District Judge George Wu, asked both sides to file written briefs on the issue before Monday.