North Carolina teachers dismissed sack over Facebook comments, one faces dismissal

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l20531316728_5806 A North Carolina teacher, who has not been named, is facing dismissal; while four other teachers at the same school all received discipline action after all five were caught posting comments about students. While the four who received discipline action’s comments were described as a “poor judgement and bad taste” by the district spokeswoman Nora Carr, the teacher who is facing dismissal is noted to have made derogatory comments about the students.

One of the teachers was found listed “teaching chitlins in the ghetto of Charlotte” as one of her activities, one posting “I’m feeling p—ed of because I hate my students!” in a Facebook ‘mood box’, and a reporter showed the school district officials photos of teachers in sexually suggestive poses.

“When you’re in a professional position, especially one where you’re interacting with children and parents, you need to be above reproach,” Carr said to the press.

The school in question, Thomasboro Elementary, has most of its students from minorities in low-income homes.