Rudd on Twitter, crashes it…?

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Showing that he is more tech-savvy than the other Prime Ministers, Kevin Rudd has signed up to Twitter, the popular micro-blogging tool that allows people to “follow” your tweets in real time. But, according to The Age, his profile managed to crash the site after more that 670 people wanted to follow the PM.

Also part of the new Web 2.0 campaign is a brand new site called “Kevin PM”, following the successful campaign on the web by Presidential-elect Barack Obama. “It’s a discussion, it’s a dialogue, it’s hearing back from you about what you think we’re doing right and what you think what we’re doing wrong, or at least what we can do better,” Rudd says in a video about the new site.

The site is, according to Rudd, a successor to Kevin 07 – which also used the internet to campaign during the 2007 Election. Rudd PM will still used the established profiles on Facebook and MySpace, while adding Flickr, Twitter and YouTube to the list.

However, he is not the only government figure to be on Twitter. Malcolm Turnbull launched a profile on Twitter in mid-October, communicating with the public on issues that were asked by those who have a profile on Twitter. You can follow him at @TurnbillMalcolm, while you can follow Rudd at @KevinRuddPM. Also, if you have a Twitter account, make sure you add me at @terencehuynh, or if you want the latest news – just follow @techgeek_rss.

Now, if only Rudd axes the internet filter – then we may vote you in again for office.