IP spam goes to the next level – blogs get random comments from Amsterdam

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While we were gone, we started seeing these comments (like the one’s above), and we thought it was strange, but not suspicious – but when I keep getting notifications on G-Mail and Outlook about these comments, I decided something was wrong, and there is … it is a new type of the blogger’s worst enemy – comment spam.

And it seems that techgeek.com.au is not alone. Many blogs are getting spammed by this new type of message spam. While we think it is limited to WordPress-powered, we still are finding out if it is also happening to other blogs as well. And don’t bother with using Akismet, since it is so new that it doesn’t recognise it as spam.

Apparently, as one blog found out, all the IP addresses are coming from one place – the Netherlands, specifically Amsterdam. If you want to block them, WordPress has a very neat tool that can “blacklist” comment from its IP address or its contents. You can find this under Settings > Discussion. Make sure you block the following IP addresses


That should stop those little nasty creepers from attacking you.

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