Windows : High Contrast – how to do it and how to turn it off

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While people may already know this, you can change the screen resolution to prank and annoy your friends to High Contrast Mode, which is supposed to be used to allow you to see icons and text better. While we don’t recommend that you actually do this (to us), we want to show you how to do it – since we are away, and we have nothing better to fill up content.

To do this, you have to press Left Alt + Left Shift + PrintScreen – and it must be the Left Shift! Now, all you have to do is sit there and see your friends fumbling to switch back to the normal resolution.

However, Microsoft has added a option to TURN THIS FEATURE OFF in Vista. Go to the Control Panel, then click on the “Ease of Access” category, then click on the “Ease of Access Center” link. After that, click on “Set Up High Contrast”, then tick off the option “Turn on or off High Contrast when left ALT + Left SHIFT + PRINT SCREEN is pressed”.

By turning this off, you will no longer be the target of this prank. Just make sure to reset your computer in order to change the computer’s settings.

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