Internode brings the cute, hackable Chumby to Australia

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Chumby, the cute internet radio receiver, eBay monitor, photo frame, RSS reader, Facebook client, and among other things, is coming to Australia, thanks to Internode – and it will start selling it for $299 from Wednesday.

If you don’t know what the Chumby is; it is a soft toy with a touch screen and Wi-Fi that sits on your desk and pulls data from the web to the screen. It does not require you to use a PC, except for configuration. The device also has "widgets", which allows it to do almost everything – like getting pictures from Facebook or Flickr or get music from Pandora (US-only).

And since its a “toy”, you can also customise it with outfits to bring out your own geeky personality. Internode will be selling them for $39, and one will come with the Chumby itself.

You can register your interest on the Chumby’s web page on Internode.