More Windows 7 News – we can’t help our selves

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While we enjoy the occasional news about Windows 7, we found a bounty today. And since we are getting ready to get back to work because of the long holiday that we usually get out of the Melbourne Cup, we decided to merge the entire thing in one post.


First off, Download Squad has found out that Windows 7 can now burn ISO images to a CD/DVD disk. While we are reluctant to get rid of Nero, Ashampoo and the other burning tools we have – this would be an easier way for people to get Ubuntu and switch. While the interface is basic, it would be easier for those who are not into technology to get started burning ISO files.


Secondly, Microsoft has added a feature to make your desktop into a slideshow, meaning that you can switch your family snaps on your background every 10 seconds. This neat feature is like the Dreamscene feature on Windows Vista Ultimate, but just remove all the heavy processor use and the nightmare to get a video up on your background. Also an interesting feature is that you can do a similar thing with feeds, meaning that if you get an RSS feed that is mainly has images – you can make that as a slideshow.

Lastly, lets talk about what has been removed from Windows 7. Windows Mail (or Outlook Express, if you haven’t switched to Vista), Windows Photo Gallery and Windows Movie Maker have all been removed from the operating system. While all three will be released under the “Windows Live” branding, it could be Microsoft’s answer to solve many of the anti-trust issues. And while Mac and Linux bundle similar applications, Microsoft is mainly the target.

But you will be happy to know that Internet Explorer and Windows Media Player will still be bundled with Windows 7, meaning that Microsoft will still have those anti-trust lawsuits – from the European Union.

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