Oz TiVo gets some interactivity – finally

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While its not video on demand, streaming movies from Netflix, skipping advertisings or any other cool features that were taken out of the TiVo box when it came to Australia; we might be getting them soon. Thanks with the Seven Media Group’s efforts, they announced that they have struck a deal with Blockbuster to give owners of the TiVo here in Australia a free movie every week – sent via the internet to their device.

As well, it will be rolling out interactive games and information services (with advertising), and will offer movies on demand, similar to the Netflix deal in America. Some of the movies will be on a pay-per-view basis, but others will be for free from Seven or advertisers. Also, you will be able to shop from your device – but that will be limited to food and grocery shopping, like ordering pizza.

However, with the movies – people could be faced with a huge bill if they go over their limits on their data caps, but a Seven spokesperson said that they are negotiating with service providers to make an unlimited, second-tier internet connection – dubbed the “Tivo Uncapped”; and this will be separate from the home connection.

The new services are expected to be rolled out from November 17, with most of it being completed by March next year.